A slow , calm tune was playing . My breathing and the melody were the only sounds to break the silence . I was in my room, at my desk with my legs resting on it, in my chair , shivering every now and then. Everything was peaceful , but it began to feel oppressive . All things seemed to stand still ,but I was carefully observing .My eyes were wandering all around in search of any clue , of any small change . I was slowly , but surely driven towards madness . My only desire was to overcome my lack of ideas . I had been assigned to write a story as homework. A simple story , no special requirements . I just couldn’t come up with an idea to please me . I felt the need to create something special ,which would stand out  , but kept running into dead ends.
I was aimlessly looking around the room in the hope to find something that I could base my concept on. My frustration was rising as time kept passing by. I decided to just start and try to make an introduction and see where it goes. I thought of displaying the story from my point of view , maybe from a place I could easily describe or imagine . Thus , I  pictured myself in my room, at my desk with my legs resting on it, in my chair and I realized I could attempt to write a story about how I wrote a story , about how I wrote a story. I enjoyed the concept of an circle succession of events , but I thought to myself “how could I create actions that would stir up interest?!” . I  reached the point where I started: I was yet again staring randomly ,trying to not get frustrated.
I was blindly staring out the window  ,taking a small break to maybe reassess my thoughts. When I looked away I astonishingly realized everything around me had changed. I was even more surprised when I saw I was standing up too. The surroundings had transformed into something hotel-like. I was in a hallway which only had closed rooms. A cold wind was flooding the air , although there were no signs of windows and its direction was frequently changing. Even though the lights were on , everything seemed gloomy. The wallpaper was a slightly light brown with shades of red and the carpets were a dark red with beige , brown and black embroidery. in fact , every hallway was the exact same and they seemed to be connected never-endingly. I was alone and clueless. I carefully looked around for a way out , but nothing was to be seen. I was terrified and the only parts which I had not searched yet were the spooky rooms. So I took courage and went through a door . To my surprise everything was the same , same hallways , same lights , same endless structures ,but the tricky part was that once I had gone through a door I could not go back because when I set foot through it I was pulled away and then the door would lock itself. I kept on trying door after door in hope of an exit. After some time I gave up and suddenly I heard a man running. Even though I was frightened , I started to quietly walk towards the source of the sound. It took me quite a few corridors but I got close, not enough to see him yet .  Right when I was about to look out the corner to spot the one I’d been searching for, I heard a thud from behind me , although, as I turned around in terror I found myself I the middle of my apartment.
I began looking back and forth in disbelief. I couldn’t comprehend . I went to lie down to try and make sense of what had happened. My horror was slowly going away. I decided I shouldn’t worry, but leave it behind, in the belief that it was just a symptom of my previous frustration.
I got a cup of tea and went to the window to take a breath of fresh air. I was finally relaxed… Unexpectedly , a weird ,sharp noise resounded from afar. It was getting closer and closer. It came from somewhere below and it started becoming more similar with a human voice. I leaned over to see what it was.
All of a sudden , I woke up with my head on my desk and with a  strong headache. It felt like I had just hit my head on something. I was at my highest point of confusion. Nothing had changed in my room. Even some dust prints on my desk were still there. The air was still mild , the lights were still on ,my books were still untouched . The one thing that had changed was the song. The playlist had reached the eleventh tune. That would mean that I had been out for more than half an hour.  I was really concerned.
I closed my eyes in order to clear my head. I was overwhelmed by everything that had happened. I started smelling a tint of burning wood and smoke and I immediately got up. There was darkness all around me. I couldn’t even see my hand if I put it directly in front of me. Without notice ,  a flash rose in front of me. It was from an old man with a lit torch. He was almost completely bold with a bit of messy hair on the sides and a grey beard. I couldn’t notice what he was wearing , but I tend to think it was some kind of robe. He concentrated his attention on me and shouted at me furiously in a British accent :
“ What is it you are doing here , stranger? “
“I was brought here somehow. I have no desire to stay. I don’t know what is happening to me , I was just calmly minding my on business at home. I’m sorry for any discomfort caused” I replied anxiously ,concerned about what his reaction  might be.
“Oh , so you are the one! My apologies , sir ! No harm done! I know what you are looking for , just walk through that door right there!” , pointing in a directing and suddenly a white rectangular shape appeared.
I felt surprised and relieved my conversation with him hadn’t become a conflict. I  was also confused by his choice of words:
“Thank you! Bu t what do you mean by The One?”
“You don’t know , do you? Well it doesn’t matter. I might have been confused. Just remember: Don’t be afraid , embrace its powers! You will know what it means if it is the case. Goodbye , for now!”
I was too tired in order to decode what he meant so I just thanked him again and said goodbye. All I know is that those were the most adrenaline filled and horrifying moments I have lived , but it might as well have been just a figment of my imagination…