From when they are born, everything around boys is blue, while everything around girls of the same age is pink. The difference isn’t is not just in the colour of the shirt they’re wearing: boys get pushed towards certain carrier paths, while the other gender is offered different opportunities. Since not long ago, this was regarded as being the natural way of things but, until half a century ago, when feminism emerged, the topic of whether gender differences are good or not has been hotly debated, which each side having it’s it is benefits and disadvantages. Is it ok acceptable for boys to be differentiated from girls and vice-versa?

On the one hand, biology doesn’t does not lie: men and women are different. A man is closer biologically speaking to another male person from the other side of the Earth than to his own mother, which means that they the two genders will inevitably have strikingly diverse traits. Men tend to be more powerful than women, therefore they can develop more skills related to strength easier. To exemplify this, look no further than tennis: male tennis players can play up to 5 sets, and they are usually a lot more nerve-wreaking, while women can only play up to 3. While it is true that women can do the same jobs as men and vice-versa, men are prone to do better.

On the other hand, gender differences are a sexist tradition from the past that defies gender equality and therefore human rights. Men and women should be equal regardless of their gender, and biology should play no part in this debate, because the main idea is equal opportunities. Even if women are predisposed to be born with certain traits, that shouldn’t stop them from becoming what they want to be. For example, women all around the world are being empowered by the day, and encouraged to fulfill their dreams: they get paid more or less equal to men, and they have, in theory, all the rights that men do because, at their core, both genders are human.

All in all, biology plays a pretty big role in age differences, but having differences between the genders is an offence to equal rights of the individual. At the end of the day, some would argue that the whole premise of this debate is wrong: there’s more than two genders, not to mention sexuality…

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