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Internet acces

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In 2010, Finland was the first country that made the decision to make access to the Internet a human right. According to a 2010 GlobeScan study, about 4/5 people consider Internet access a fundamental right. In my opinion, access to the Internet has positive, but also negative consequences.
On the one hand I believe that the right to the internet would have a positive role, because the right to the Internet means the right to information and the right to free expression, two of the fundamental human rights. Also, citizens in areas of the world where the internet is limited or banned would no longer violate their desire to learn new things. Also, if Internet access were a guaranteed right for all citizens of the world, then some differences between people would disappear. Not only the inhabitants of the urban area would have access to the Internet, but also those from the rural areas or from isolated areas. Thus, everyone could have access to information circulating on the Internet, without any discrimination in this regard.
On the other hand, from my point of view, access in the Internet has a negative side. Thus, for some countries, for example underdeveloped countries, turning internet access into a right is not a priority. For these, priority is given to combating poverty, ensuring minimum conditions for decent living, increasing access to education, creating jobs, ending armed conflicts.
In conclusion, I believe that the right to the Internet is important, but not fundamental, which is why before a state accepts this right it should resolve its responsibilities.

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Hello! I like your post because it looks like you .......searched a bit.You have some concrete information that are very useful to understand how internet started to work.You are right.The internet has good parts but i think that are more bad parts.People are so obsessed to check the email,facebook or instagram and that waste a lot of time...

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You are right! The internet has advantages but in The same time disadvantages. Concret Informations helped you to have a strange opinion and that is a point that I like more!



The Internet should be a right for everyone,not a priority ,but everyone has the right to accumulate informations. Even if the informations aren t correct , we  can select it.
In my opinion,is good to read wrong informations,but to know it. Because ,it developpes your mind.
The egality between us is a necesitty.



I donít agree! Itís true that some countries have to do things more important than the internet but since it became so huge, internet became the biggest source of information. No one would rather write a book than writing an article on the internet. Itís the fastest way to share an information and itís used in schools, institutions, and almost everywhere. You can communicate, learn, read and save a lot of data and thatís very important because it makes everything easier.


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