Should teenagers drive a car as soon as possible or not?

With the evolution of technology and, implicitly, of society, driving a car has become a normal thing. Today, cities are full of exhaust fumes, cars parked anywhere, and slow, tiring traffic.
We all agree that in spite of excessive pollution, having a driving license may be a thing that will make life easier, but can it be so good for young people too?
The answer to this question is relatively from person-to-person: your grandmother could tell you that it is dangerous or your father who is tired of taking you to school every morning can encourage you both morally and financially.
However, I think it is best to take your driving license when you really need it, not when you need to be the center of attention in your friends's group.
Firstly, driving a car requires attention, patience and self-control - qualities that for us, the youngest and most impulsive people, tend to grow harder. For example, a woman who is in her late 40s who is driving cautiously because a child is waiting for her at home and a high school junior whose rebellion makes him think driving a car is really like feeling adrenaline, who do you think will have an accident earlier? There's no discrimination, but the younger you are, the freer you feel and freedom can be a very dangerous thing sometimes.
Secondly, the more young people drive a car just because it brings them a feeling of maturity, the more the city will become a huge murderous smoke bubble. Families today are rarely limited to a single car as more family members drive, so the more drivers we have, the more cars we have, and the more cars we have, the more our planet will suffer more.
Admittedly, driving a car can make your life a lot easier (and sometimes even more fun) and it also can give you some air of responsibility, maturity, but I think you can get this maturity from the fact that you choose not to pollute the planet, take care of your body, for example if you do not actually do sports, walking can be a good replacement or you can also think of cycling and prove your independence through a real action just like washing your socks alone or making your own meals alone without anyone's help, true?
In conclusion, I think it is important to think very well about what it means to drive a car and if you are really prepared to take this step - maybe it does not seem like a big deal, but in this area one mistake can be fatal, calculating the fact that it causes a slow destruction of the environment.
My future hope is that young people become more aware of their wishes and needs in order not to make choices just to feed their ego.

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