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Application to work for "Around the world"

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Dear Mr. McDowell,
I am writing to you regarding your recent announcement in the local newspaper. I have read that you are the producer of the famous TV show, "Around the world", who is currently looking for a new host.
I managed to read all the eligibility requirements, including the fact that the presenter must be able to speak other three languages than English and that he/she must be devoted to work. I fluently speak English, French, German and Spanish and I absolutely love travelling: last year, I visited my 20th country, Australia! Moreover, I have worked for BBC as a news presenter for a whole year after completing a 3-year course in Journalism at North Carolina University. During school, I was the Chief Editor of the school magazine, meanwhile participating in prestigious speech competitions since freshman year.
I think that my only flaw is that I sometimes tend to feel a little bit uncomfortable and forget the script in front of the camera. Even though I have a well-trained memory, I still find it hard to memorise long scripts.
All in all,  I would be glad if you accepted my candidature, because I feel like it is the job I was made for. I promise that you will not regret your choice.
I have also attached my CV so you could analyse it in detail. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking to you again soon.
Best regards,
Stacey Wilson

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I appreciate the distinctive words you utilized for this letter and the fact that you incorporated positive aspects of the person you presented. I also like the variety of categories you included and the negative characteristic of her personality. I think that you evolved the flaw a bit too much and it shows insecurity but afterwards you promised that they wouldn't regret it so that compensates for the non-beneficial part.



That is really cool and well-written. I am very impressed. It is  very well structured and I liked how you described with precision what you have done to deem you worthy of the job you are applying for, I believe that it made you look bad when you pointed out your flaw but other than that everything was very good. well donee!!!



it is, as those before me have said, a pretty good text, although i personally think that you could have introduced the flaw a bit more comfortably. right now it sticks out like a sore thumb.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Application to work for "Around the world"