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I remember, back in my high school times,  I had all sorts of classmates. Most of them were pretty ok, but one of them will remain in my mind for a very long time.
Her name is Sarah and she was my deskmate for almost a couple of years. She was one of the most beautiful girls in our school, but she was very unbearable. Even if we were in the same class starting with 9th grade, we didnít speak too much until 11th grade when we started to share the desk.
Many boys in our high school came almost every day, giving her flowers and pretty expensive  gifts. She was like the queen of the neighborhood and She made me feel   like I was a dustman. However, I tried to speak with her but most of the times she thought I was trying to get her. She started to spread the rumor that I was very into her and she just reject me because I wasnít at her level. Every day she came to school, she was very expensive dressed, didnít even say hello to me , speaking to me just when she wanted something. I get that she is a nasty wealthy girl and I tried to ignore her until12th grade.
         The Prom party was coming and everybody were speaking about who with whom will come. Because almost all boys asked their girl mates, and because mine had just broken up with a guy 2 weeks before , I decided to invite her to go with me. I knew I wasnít the perfect boy, but I still was a good one and above that almost everybody had decided his/her partner. When she heard me, that was in a math class, she started to yell at me:Ē How do you even believe that I will accept you? Look at me and at you. Do you think that a girl like me, or ANY girl, will EVER hang out with a boy like you?Ē. I was very disappointed, not about the rejection of course but about the way she decided to do that, and others too. All ended on Prom day, when she came and me too. But, if all the boys she asked about dance refuse her, most of the lonely girls take me on the ring. On that night I discovered such nice girls and I realized that humans will be humans and habits never change.

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I really believe that people change. Actually it is a fact. Although I know that sometimes there is no point in waiting for a change, because it doesn't matter how much you want, some people just do not want to change.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » Sarah