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Describe a beautiful apartment/house

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Once I saw, in a trip in Iasi county, a beautiful old house that belonged to Moldovan boyar family Sturdza, named Sturza Castle, in Miclăușeni, and yes - it is a castle in its entirety. Unfortunately I couldn't get in because of renovations, but the exterior of the house is an ornament wherewith each Boyar and noble family from Moldova and not only in that century would have been proud.
The walls of the castle are carved with the  coat-of-arms of the family, with many simbols that I've seen in history books and in heraldry. The coat-of-arms of Sturdza family is: in the left of the shield- a cross and in right a lion with a sword in hand.  Other symbol of Sturdza Family that I had seen that is a chevron with a chevalier, an common symbol in many noble families of Europe.
The only room (that fortunately was open to visitors) is a room where are  preserved  inscription linked with history of family- inscriptions in Latin, Slavonic and even Arabic. This is a surprising fact about our history.



It is a very interesting story, but I think it is too focused on the historical part of the building. History is a very important aspect of a castle, of course, but when I read the title of your essay, I was expecting it to be more focused on the physical appearance of the residence or, at least, to contain an equal amount of physical and historical details. For example, you could have given details about the construction materials, the interior's chromatic tones, furniture etc.
Anyway, I liked very much your elegant expression, that made your essay highly pleasing to read.



Hi! I really like your composition, it's a pretty interesting and beautiful one about this place in Iasi, but I don't think you've framed yourself well in the theme. I think it's more on the basis of something historical than what you had to do. But you can see that you write beautiful compositions and keep it that way! Good luck next time!  :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe a beautiful apartment/house