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Describe how some people dress

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Now we'll talk about how some people dress up. Some people dress colorfully because they have a strong, colorful and different personality. Some people dress up in black because they want to hide their silhouette and have a shy, shy personality. Some people love to dress in expensive clothes because they want to attract attention.
Some love to dress differently, extravagant because they like to be the focus of attention. Each person has a different style of remark, some by living colors, some in expensive clothes, some in strange clothes.
Some people like to dress differently to get out of the comfort zone and that's why I try different styles and colors, collections. And others are dressed in the same style so they do not get out of the comfort zone and because they feel so good.



I think that the style you use in your outfit ,describe your personalitty and that a good point. You make people recognize you when you are with your back to them by your outfit. It s a personal sign.
sometimes ,I love to try new styles ,new outfits ,but definitely, I feel the best in jeans with a T-shirt . So it s relatable that i m not a extravagant person but shy.
Even if I try to dress me up with different clothes , I never imagine me all black like a rock lover or too elegant. My confort  zone is casual


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe how some people dress