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'' Dear Diary, ''

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The person I will talk about is not from my school. I have known him from a year. He likes me, but I think is a littele obsessed. He doesn't know aniting about how to talk with girls and he could inbarrased himself in front of me. It's disgusting. Really man? Really?
Because I don't want you to know his identity, because it's easy to guess, Iwill say he is seventeen and he has red and curly hair. He isn't very smart and not really beautiful. As I say, I have know him from a year and he never talks to me face to face; just on messanger ( it's scared probably of me or something). And he wants me to like him back.. Yes, sure -.- It's desgusting to see him every day and his face make me sad.
One day, he asked me if I want to go on a date with him. And every day he ask me to go with him at school*he is at an highschool near me* but I don't want to be alone with this boy because I'm scared of what he can do.
In the end, stay away from him and call the police if he approches you. :)

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I think he really needs to understand that you do not like him and he should leave you alone. The fact that so far he has not made the courage to talk to you in front of you is kind of weird. I mean, he talks to you on the messenger but not at all  in front of you, that's not ok. And for a year ... that's a lot. Oh and that sequence: "his face make me sad" made me laugh so bad.



I do not know this boy, but he seems an ordinary boy I do not think you should be afraid of him, because he's probably shy and he does not know how to express his feelings so he makes very bad choices just to observe him. I think so. He seems like a normal boy who likes a girl and try to impress you, so I do not think you have a big problem.



This boy is weird! Just donít talk to him anymore like what if he is a serial killer or a rapist. Just block his number and his Facebook account if you want to be safe!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » '' Dear Diary, ''