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A beautiful village

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In my opinion, a village is very different by a city. But, let s imagine how would be the best and modern village.
   Fist of all, a perfect city needs a mall. So the people in the village can stay in and not to go to cities to shopping.
  Another construction that can help it s an adventure park for kids. They can stay all day in an have some fun with their familly or their friends.
Another thing that in my opinion is important is a restaurant. There people can stay and eat during the break and have some time spent with their friends.
On of the most important things is the population. People inside the village must be polite and need to respect eachother. In a village we know that people don t have the best lives, but with these construction they would be more relaxed.



I like the way you told the differences but you should make the story longer.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A beautiful village