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Describe how some people dress

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In my opinion, the style of clothing is very important, especially when we are living.  It defines you as a person, makes you stand out, get out of anonymity, show others what kind of person you are.  His own style of choice chooses each person and depends on his temper, his character, the music he's listening to or the season he's in. 
Obviously, the vestibule style also depends on where you are or the event you attend.  Some events require a stylish dress code, even if it does not fit your style.  People looking at you and the clothes you wear, the way you are dressed, can figure out what kind of man you are, what character you have, what you like to do, I can get to know you without interacting with you. 
Some people do not emphasize the way they dress, but personally I am passionate about this area and I like to dress properly for my style and place where I go. 
In conclusion, fashion style is very important for every person because it can be like a business card.



Each argument is presented with certitude and valid points of view. Although saying that you could get to know someone just by the way they dress is a bit of an exaggeration, you pointed out the fact that it defines you as a person, this may also be an exaggeration in my perspective because I believe that your personality defines you not your clothes, but one may be known for wearing colours or brands or even specific types of articles of clothing so you are right here. All in all I liked the excellent presentation and your arguments.



I liked how you structured your essay and the fact that you pointed out your perspective on that matter. People tend to form an opinion about someone by looking at their clothes instead of actually socialise with the person in question, and it is very sad and disgusting. Even though I do it sometimes as well



You are right! Clothes defines you as a person and lots of people things that to be in trend is the most important thinks when you get dressed. But i think the true most important think is to have a decent clothes and which characterizes you.Its important don't care about the  opinions of those who thinks they are better and trendy dressed


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe how some people dress