A wonderful village in my opinion is my native village, the place where I spent my childhood, where my roots are, the place where I had the most beautiful moments with my dear ones, my friends and my family  A wonderful and lively place. It is a village with hospitable, friendly and respectable people. Here we made the first steps, here I learned to talk, here I learned to write, I made my first friends I laughed and wept for  first time.  I had a happy childhood with my friends. My bed would always represent a corner of heaven for me. Every season is unique on its streets, winter lands your carpet white and shiny, autumn the multicolored carpet of leaves, spring all life revived  , and in the summer its roads are filled with the smiles of the children. The troops are his guardians, and the birds delight us with their song.  It is a welcoming place, even if it is retired and not very well known.
It is a proof that I was beautiful with the green of the forest, the pink spring flowers that impressed the trees, the blue of the sky, which in some places of the world no longer noticed the height of the blocks.  Some people have forgotten it and left it although I do not think it is a solution for creating a more beautiful life.
That's why I think this village is a wonderful one.

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