My village is one of  the most beautiful. It's a wonderful and lively place, a place with hospitable, friendly and respectful people. Here we made the first steps, here I learned to talk, here I learned to write. I had a happy childhood with my friends and colleagues. My bed would always represent a corner of heaven for me.
Cribbing the walkways is never missing in the morning. The hot sun rains warm the earth and sometimes it seems to be playing with us, the children.
The hardworking people who go out to work at dawn are proud of their village! Their old and labor-stricken manna shows that they make a lot of effort.
The mountain is our neighbor. He is towering up to heaven. He has given us the forests that we have nearby, and from which we use the dry wood for the winter to warm ourselves to the mouth of the stove.
The roofs of the houses are popular. The chapels are bordered like a flock of sheepflies. Some to one side, to the other, separated by ditches where people from the forest come.
A river flows along the shore all the time. Summer, when people go to the harbor,the children are playing with the stones on the bank of the river.

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