In my opinion, a very beautiful house is the home of most laughter. A beautiful house has to be arranged and decorated in a pleasant way. I hope I think it should have a large yard with many trees and many flowers, the connection between the gate and the house is ensured by a cobbled alley. And around the alley during the summer grow a dense grass like a well-carpet. A beautiful house should look good outside, be painted to attract the eyes of passers-by. The house has to look great inside. For example, a spacious living room with a nicely landscaped TV, a comfortable sofa and some paintings to cheer up the atmosphere. From the living room leave some beautiful stairs to the floor where the bedrooms are arranged. On the stairs to be placed some plants, flowers that of course give a very pleasant picture. Bedrooms are designed to suit every person in the house. For example, in my bedroom one should be: a neat office, a big bed to be always made, a TV, some decorations and some pictures. Let's not forget that in a room there must be a clothes closet. The bathroom must be spacious and very clean. A shower cabin set in a corner of the bathroom with fluffy floor mats on which to walk every time you go out of the shower. A large mirror placed on the wall so you can always admire it. The kitchen is a spacious one with a large table in the middle with comfortable seats. Have the dishes always in their place, in the closet or in the washing machine, so that no accident happens. And to have the test place and to cook without hindering something. Always have a candle on the table, it offers a romantic spirit and on the closet a basket full of bad fruits.

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