How does a dream house look like? How should the most beautiful house look like? Well...
It should be placed in a quiet place and with a special landscape, with neighbors also quiet and the thing that knows how and when to have fun.

The house should have 1 floor and have 7 rooms, including 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, a library and two bathrooms. On the ground floor there will be kitchen, linving, a bathroom and a garage. The kitchen would decorate beautifully with marble. The furniture will be purple + white. The sink will be positioned close to the oven. In the middle there will be a small oak table for 4 people.
The living room will be very large, with tall walls with massive parchment. The furniture will not be much because it will be just a TV set, a black sofa, 2 black sofas and a small table that most likely will be a laptop.

In the bedrooms there will be only beds and a few bedside tables. There will also be a room that contains furniture full of interesting books, encyclopedias and more.

In the garden there will be a large swimming pool, a barbecue and a furnace, and besides, there will be many impressive ornaments and decorations.