I am writing this recommendation letter to present Ionescu Daniel as a teacher at the National College where he worked during the years 2000-2019.
I, the undersigned Popescu Alexandru, in my capacity as director of this institution, had the opportunity to form an objective view of Ionescu Daniel and to write this recommendation letter.

Let me first of all mention that Daniel Ionescu is first and foremost a good colleague, a jovial thread that manages to instill confidence in the collective even in the most delicate moments.
I wanted to make this specification because I think it is one of its most important qualities.
As far as his professional qualities are concerned, I should point out that besides specialized training, he is part of that category of people ready to learn new things in the field and in other related fields at any time, could be useful to evolve professionally.

The desire for improvement made him win the trust of his colleagues and hierarchical superiors, who entrusted him with activities that involve increased responsibility.
Considering the above, I strongly recommend Ionescu Daniel who will certainly be a basic employee for any company.