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Should we pay children for their school results?

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Relationships between parents and their children are different  case , but to motivate them all parents apply similar methods like: promising things that children want, certain advantages when it comes to rights, but especially the receipt of money. In my opinion, this method (money) is not effective, especially when it comes to school and I do not support this method for a number of reasons.
     Firstly, ..this..... is not enough to financially support a child, because parents need to help them and teach them to become responsible adults. By offering money for getting good results, we only show children that money is everything and other values no longer matter. For example, to compensate for the lack of affection, many parents promise to children to give them money for good results, just because they ...do not have time to handle their school situation.
     Secondly, if you pay your children for good grades, will become accustomed and will not be given the strength to learn something for their future, but they will want to get good results just to get money.  At some point, the teenager might get a bad grade and hide from parents, being convinced that he will not receive money.
     Admittedly, children can receive money as a reward when they win a school prize or a hard-passing exam, like a... Olympics to understand that parents are proud of them and the effort which he deposited. However, this should not become a habit for parents, believing that they motivate children as it is not a good way to educate your children and prepare them for the future.
     In conclusion, I do not agree with this method, respectively pay children for their school results, as it is a wrong way to educate a child and prepare for the future.

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I agree with what you said and I like how you approached the problem. You are right that parents should not only support their children financially, but rather prepare them for their mature lives.You have great ideas, congratulations! :cool:



I agree with you completely. Paying a child with money for their school results indeed seems like a bad idea, but most of the teenagers donít fully understand the long-term rewarding system that the education provides. They always expect things to come back at them right after a major success, thus making them feel uncertain about the rewards studying gets them. Instead, a little surprise or a privilege that they didnít have before should be more than enough to keep them motivated.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Should we pay children for their school results?