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Describe a beautiful house

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In my opinion a house that is beautiful has a large garden full of flowers and trees. A beautiful home has animals, dogs, cats. The road from the gate to the door of the house is stoned by stones of different sizes, the road being surrounded by a blanket of grass. The house has to be spacious, the space is relaxing, with the man having more space as he feels better. The house must have a beautiful furnished terrace where you can have your coffee every morning. The house has to be beautifully arranged inside, you have to feel good in every corner of the house.

The house must be well lit, its walls must be brightly colored and full of paintings, pictures, decorations, because all this brings joy to the life of man. I think there should be flowers in every room, it helps to produce oxygen, but there is not much to be for stealing oxygen. A beautiful house must have beautiful, brightly colored curtains. A beautiful house has to be full of music and laughter.



I totally agree with you. One of the most important things about a house is the nature surrounding it. Because contemplating nature is one of the most spiritual things you can do. As the poet Dante Alighieri said: "Nature is the art of God".


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe a beautiful house