For and against studying hard at school,
     School is the place were kids are made into adults. Like it or not, the time spended in that institution has a huge effect on a child. The friends, the enemies, the inspiring teachers and the many school subjects are the normal school experience. But I canít forget about studying, since so much time is put into this activity.
        In an educational system where everything seems to matter, why study hard when most of that information will be forgotten by the time you graduate. A child needs time for friends and outdoor adventures not sleepless study nights. Childhood is that time in a humanís life when there are no responsibilities. So why should a kid spend hours and hours at a cold desk with mountains of homework. I am not saying that children need to completely slack off, but not to obsess themselves with grades. They should attend school and pay attention in classes. There is a fine line between overworking and working a normal amount. To summarize, children shouldnít study hard at school because there is no long term reward.
      Having the philosophy that everything you do matters, then studying hard at school is crucial. So every grade you get takes you closer to a road of success and achievements. Kids need to be disciplined from a young age and what better way to achieve than thru school. Making children understand what responsibilities from a young age are will result in competent adults. Studying could be seen as exercise for the real world so when the time will come kids will know how to handle pressure. Besides childhood is a time with no real responsibilities, what harm can it do if children are pushed to study hard?  Also grades make kids be more competitive. Itís extremely healthy for children to be competitive. This instinct is essential in this world. My point is that studying hard at school helps the child learn how to be responsible.
       Considering both sides of the argument, I truly believe that there should be a balance. Sometimes studying hard is the only way to succeed. And there are times when you can get away without studying that much. After all itís a personal choice.

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