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For and against studying hard for that subject

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In general, learning is a good thing. Train the brain, develop creativity and intellect.
 They all learn, either for pleasure, or for obligation, or for the note. For school or not, we learn.
 An argument for learning a lot for an exam is that it could be an important step in our lives. It is good to prepare and feel ready. The learner may even be a time-consuming activity and we are moving away from other bad activities. In addition, taking a good grade exam brings a lot of satisfaction.
An other argument, now against the excessive learner, is that we can estimate the misleading smart value through a note for example. Learning too much can become anxious and unfriendly, always stressed by tests and exams.
 In conclusion, there are plenty of arguments both for and against this topic!



I think you're right. Whether we want it or not, we always learn something. It is true that too much teach is broken, but the learner in well-proportioned quantities does good to anyone intellectually.  :)



You are right i think that we should find the perfect amount of time and quantity we should learn because some kids may be able to learn more than others still i think that studying hard for a test it's a good thing because you can be more prepared for an exam and you can also improve your learning capacity. Of course studying too much might have some bad effects on kids some of them might be forced to learn too much and may become anti-social and maybe some of them will start hating school because they have to learn too much. In conclusion  we have to find a balance in how much we study.



Hey! I like the fact that you were able to capture the whole essence of the theme in a short text! I agree with you, people started learning to train their brains. But in my opinion, today, children have begun to learn only for grades or to make parents proud, which means that they no longer learn for themselves, but for others.



The problem is that in our days we learn just because of school. Studing  further than teacher's homework increases the capacity of our brain and our memory.And yes of course the exams are a very important part of our life because they let us know how much we studied.I like your text because even its a short text is full of true meanings


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » For and against studying hard for that subject