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For and against standing up to abusive teachers

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A rather serious problem of Romanian education is the relationship between teacher and student. It does not work anymore when the students knew the fear of the teacher. Now we are allowed to talk freely with them and to attract their attention when something is inconvenient, but often the students are out of step and many of the teachers do not know how to control the situation. There are a lot of teachers who discriminate against students and who once tagged you can not get rid of that label. However, these issues should be solved, but most of the times students try to solve them without the help of their parents or direction.
There are some arguments that I am for on students who synthesize a problem of this kind and who attempts to solve such problems themselves because only because a teacher has some higher education than we do does not mean that they have to take advantage of this and to abuse the inferiority and ignorance of children. He was brought here to teach us something not to boast of his faculties at[/u] Harvard. But there are reasons why you should not comment on a teacher because he may have had a hard day, he has a family problem, or maybe he was treated ............. in his youth and thinks he is the most good way to educate a child.
In conclusion, it is best to ask for the help of a more advanced teacher or a parent.

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You are absolutely right on that matter. A place where the student is being abused verbally and or physically and bullied is no place for learning. Even if the teacher has ahd a bad day or a family situation he should not exact his revenge on students, that simply is unacceptable. It also is a students duty to behave during class and not disturb or abuse the teacher. I believe that your argument is valid from all points of view and that physically abusing teacher should be taken out of function because a trauma may scar a child for life.



abusive teachers should not even be let near students, because it may affect the way they study or think and might influence them to do the same with others. You are right though, if the had a bad day or family issues should be explainable but if they are abusive just to show power, it is necessary they are replaced.



I think your arguments are very well structured, but also very true. Thus, I do not think anyone could learn under the conditions of verbal or physical abuse. Also, it's hard to believe in yourself when you have a teacher who just discourages you.
In my opinion, abusive teachers would have no children because they can destroy the future of innocent students.



Your point of view is really well structured!
I do think that abusive teachers should not be let around students because it's not good for them (mentally and physically speaking). This is a common problem met today, not only in Romania, but also in every country in the world, and there will be consequences if it won't be solved!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » For and against standing up to abusive teachers