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For and against studying hard fir that subject

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School is a place for everyone, a place of care is preparing and shapes you for both your general culture and the behavior you will be addressing in certain situations of life. It all starts with the correct choice of a school or college, with people who want and know what to learn and with a well-established college who knows what he wants from life. From class 9 a, you have to choose a specific profile. It can be human or real. Here you will lay the foundations strictly on what you have chosen and you will have the best teachers for your profile. Usually, most students focus on the real profile, because they say they have more possibilities. I am a very good girlfriend in math and one day we went with her to see the advantages and disadvantages of this material.
First of all, she was a for because it is a material that always drives the brain and the way to think. This material develops the ability to make decisions much faster and at the same time much better. It is a pro because math offers more possibilities when it comes to choosing a faculty and the professions that underlie mathematics are very well paid. Instead I came up with some arguments against. Not only because I do not understand math, but it seems to me that it's a very difficult matter that if you mistaken a single figure you risk losing the result of the whole equation for which you've been knocking your head for about an hour and having to stay one more to see where the mistake is. Secondly, it is a matter too tedious to download and deplete completely and in the end we must admit that mathematics is not for anyone.
In conclusion, math is a beautiful matter but with too many problems that can not be solved by anyone.

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I do not agree with what you said.  Mathematics is a basic matter that helps you get to practice in life.  A man who does not know how to do well in life means that he did not learn enough math in school.  It is essential to form a coherent logic and to organize plans in any field of activity.



I partially share the previous user's point of view regarding Mathematics. This amazing subject really does help you to structure your way of thinking and to organize your mind in an efficient way. It is essential, as the other guy/girl said, that we have a certain logic in our life.
However, I tend to share your idea too. Math is not for everyone, of course, as it is a hard thing indeed. But if you are 100% sure that you won't use it in your future profession, why don't you study it enough to get a minimal grade and focus more on what you'll really need?



You did a nice work. I honestly agree with you, math is a hard subject for study. So many problems and formulas. But I think we need the basic of math, I mean like how to calculate or how to make some geometric draw.



If you don't like math, then why are you studying it? You can choose whether or not to study. If you find it too challenging, then step aside and focus on literature, I honestly think that is your strong point. And if, for some reason, you're not into literature, then you're honestly fucked. Take care!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » For and against studying hard fir that subject