In Romania there are several types of villages. For example, there are quite advanced villages, with running water right in front of the gate. But there are back villages with people without education, and that's not because they would not want to be educated but nobody gives them the opportunity to read and educate. The most I like the villages where they have kept the old traditions and the most important thing, the traditional food. The villages in which even if there is no internet network, children know to have fun and really enjoy childhood and nature. I love ............ when I go to the country to see the animals and go out to pick up all the ingredients for a salad from the garden. Another good thing in the villages is the cultural homes where young people gather to spend and have fun after a hard day out in the field. Another addictive thing is the weddings with pillows and plates as a dowry, and each young man looks for his chosen wealth and household to his family. On the other hand, the architecture of the houses and the colors are very attractive and come out very well. When you go to the village it is impossible not to see a green or blue fence. I like what I see when I go there and maybe one day I'll open a farm myself.

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