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The material situation doesn't matter

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Poorer or richer? Two different types of people who are also the same. But in my point of view, that thing does not matter. Why can not a poor person be a friend of a rich person? I think these things are not important. We are all humans. We are all living under the same sun. We should be friends with every person, because the material situation of a person does not define his character, human values, education or the power to help someone when he needs it.
Even if some people think they should not talk with a poor person because they lost their reputation or that is shameful, sometimes they can be friends. For example, two friends of this type are in a teahouse and talk about their schools. The poor friend says: ĎI am grateful to have the chance to learn new things and informations and I have so many friends there. In a state school.í. But the rich friend says: 'I'm learning in a private school and I'm sure I have a lot more conditions than in a state school. I have much better trained teachers, I have more conditions and all my colleagues are rich. '. But this is the point of view of the rich. If he is richer and learns at a private school, it does not mean he is smarter. He should not say such things that could offend his friend who can not afford to go to such a school. Maybe the poor friend is smarter and wiser than the rich friend. The richer friend tells the poor about the gigantic villa where he lives and about all the latest generation devices that his dad buys for him, especially his new Iphone X. Certainly the poor friend who lives in a very small one-room apartment felt very bad. He can not even buy the cheapest phone. That's why it's not bad to be friends of this kind, but they have to take care to find common subjects such that they do not offend one another. A while ago, a good friend of mine told me the story of her cousin. He came from a rich and well-known family. But his father was addicted to gambling and in a few years he lost all the money they had. Her cousin, named John, was a great lover of books and learning. For lack of money, he could not go to school. But he did not give up easily. He went to a nearby village and became a farmerís employee. He learned and worked at the same time. Now he graduated from the faculty of medicine and is independent. The idea of this story was to show that life is unpredictable, and no matter how rich you are, you can become poor anytime. As by magic.
My opinion is that the material situation does not matter and you can always have a friend that is the opposite of your situation. Letís be better!

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Hello there! I like the way you did this composition and the ideas that you highlited here. I agree with you, but I think that a true friendship between a poor and a rich person can be difficult to maintain. Sometimes, rich people are mean and want to make the poor ones feel bad because they are not as fortunate as they are and sometimes they manage to make them feel like that unintentionally... It's hard not to hurt other's feelings, especially in those situations.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » The material situation doesn't matter