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Describe how some people dress

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Since the beginning of time, each country has had a certain pattern of dressing. That's what made us different so far. For example, in antiquity women wore long dresses to the ankles and men were dressed in a simple and concise dress. Meanwhile, things have changed and all kinds of overseas brands have begun to emerge and they have begun to become more and more marketed. The best known are Victoria, Zara, Gucci, Armani, etc. In other parts of the world there is another form of clothing. For example, India is known after that hip belt called Dhoti. Mexicans are well known for traditional hats called Sombrero. The Egyptian clothing was influenced by the environment and by their lifestyle, and they carried out the majority of their activities outside. Their clothes are generally made of cloth. They dress in light and comfortable clothes to have freedom of movement. From here we can conclude that people's clothing types are greatly influenced by the relief, climate and history or culture of that country. Europeans want to borrow more items from the Orient. In Romania, for example, it is borrowing more and more from Americans and our companies have the same pattern of clothes. Those who make the difference are Gypsies who have kept their traditional clothes until now.

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i like your point of view! I agree with you about how Romanians borrow things from Americans and I don't like that because we have too beautiful traditional outfits but unfortunately traditions die out. Although, very nice essay!!!



Wow, I felt like I read a history article. You did a very good job at providing examples from real life. I can tell you speeded quite some time researching and it shows. Great work! Also, I agree that we as a country   have taken Americans as an example in fashion and it shows. Now a days is very hard to look original since everyone shops at the same stores.



An interesting story. I can see that you informed yourself befor composing the story. I like that! And you wrote about some interesting worth paying attention!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe how some people dress