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Describe a pretty house

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For no reason a home looks great and very big if it isn't inhabited by a loving family. I learned this from my grandfather who told me that he hated hid house until my grandmother came, she filled the house with so much joy and love.
     The two live near a forest on the outskirts of the city. From the outside ........... looks incredible, the front of the house is covered by some hanging plants with small pink flowers. In the front garden there are more flowers, all colors, roses, carnations, daffodils and more. I like my grandmother's way of choosing flowers. Also, the front trees are 2, are always adorned according to the season. The garden behind the house is much larger and full of various old decorations. One part has a very tall grass because that grandfather refuses to cut it. They have a mini orchard of apples, and in front of it is an oak in which is built a wooden cottage, there I spent my summers, it was very good. On the tree branches there are small little houses for the birds.
       The interior of the house gives you the feeling that you've come to a collection of valuable antiques. The hall is adorned with pictures of families and memories of their adventures. The living room is large and has a stone fireplace, it is lilac painted. On the floor .......... are different rugs with oriental symbols, the ceiling is a glass chandelier. There are 3 cherry chairs in the room and a pale pink sofa. The kitchen is full of grandmother's style, full of color with all kinds of utensils and fun decorations. Obviously, his grandfather has a place and that's the basement, where he spends the time when he has to make a decision or prepare his apple cider. Their bedroom is so simple compared to the rest of the house, only one bed, a fluffy rug, 2 bedside tables and 2 cupboards. The other rooms in the house are bathrooms or guest rooms. But it is a room that has been the reason for a quarrel between the two. This is the room where the grandfather's weapons collection is displayed, from the smallest to the largest. That place is locked and only he have the key.
      This house is not just a place to live. It is a place that represents the two people standing there. That makes them feel they would not want to leave. They have each other and it matters a lot, objects do not value if you have no one to share ........... with.

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What a nice way to describe a house, or better said a home. Itís quite true that home is where your heart is and family is crucial to the soul. After all, what good is a huge house with countless bedrooms if you have nobody to share them with? Home is where you belong.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe a pretty house