Teachers are those who always try to help students through their knowledge and life experience. They offer us their time and a part of them just for our bright future. Each of them have their own methods of teaching. Some of them create beautiful and friendly relationships with their students, while others prefer to impose authority. No matter the ways of teaching, teachers should be respected for everything they do for us. There are numerous reasons for and against this subject.
   First of all One the one hand,  there is an advantage in showing rigour and strictness because in our days children tend to be careless related to school. They find new interests
such as clubs, smoking, drugs and improper companies that make them forget about lessons and real life. Students always think that they can succe........d succeed without putting any effort into their future and they rely on their parents, hoping that they will be there for children forever. The 21st century children's attitude towards their teachers is inadmissible and is due to the degradation that people tend to call evolution. 
   On the other hand, sometimes teacher's cruel treatment makes students hate not just the person but in fact the object. They don't realise how sensitive children can be and how much they hurt them imposing autority and humbling them. This attitude awaken fear in students and usually the desire of playing truant and skiping classes. If teachers can't control their behaviour realated to students what example would they give them in life?
    In conclusion, even if teacher's abusive attitude have not isn't just dezadvantages disadvantages but also advantages, that sometimes makes people feel bad, it is still a debateble subject between students, their parents and teachers.  All in all, I strongly believe that people should keep their humanity, which is not that difficult in this democratic world, and everything could be easily solved without any fear and aggresivity.

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