For and against standing up to abusive teachers,
        Unfortunately, in this wonderful world there are quite a few bad people and some of them interact with kids. Schools are made to help young children grow, develop a healthy personality and to enlighted  their minds. And when someone abuses a child at that fragile state of development, itís safe to say that there will be consequences.
      Needless to say, there are many reasons why kids should stand up to abusive teachers, but the most important one is that it increases the sense of self-worth. Children need to learn at a young age how to love and protect themselves. In social encounters there are countless times when people mistreat each other and it takes courage to speak up and take the issue head on. And so, if a child is taughthow to respond to these situations, the future adult will be a confident one. Standing up to these kind of teachers is hard since most people are influenced to believe the story the adult is telling. The child in question needs to talk to trusted adults about this problem and then everything should resolve itself. To make my point I have to underline that it is crucial for a kid to be able to defend him or herself and not to feel less simply because of the age difference between a student and a teacher.
     On the other side of the coin, sometimes standing up to an abusive teacher creates all kinds of problems and the worst one being discrediting the child. We all know that adults are in charge, not little kids and teens. And it is well known that children exaggerate situations for attention. If the child is not taught  what abuse is, itís easy to misplace it and direct it somewhere else. Itís only fair to point out that teachers sometimes lose their calm when a kid is misbehaving. So is it really abuse when a child is being disciplined? The person in charge can side with the teacher and the child who made the accusation can be made an example. Truth is, sometimes learning how to ignore a situation is better  long term.
            In conclusion from my point of view, anyone who is abused should speak up and seek help. Living in constant emotional despair takes a heavy toll on a human. Furthermore, it is vital for a child to grow being supported in everything.

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