A beautiful house
         When I watch movies I always find myself very intrigued about the houses, furniture and décor used in the pictures that I see. I love trying to imagine that I’m living in those breathtaking penthouses in the films about wealth and influence. Anyhow, I centrally created an idea for what I find beautiful in a house.
         I while ago, I was at a house party at a former classmate and I can say that I speeded most of my time complimenting the host on her home. Since the moment I saw her house I thought “Wow, this is what you call a home’’. First things first, let me start by describing the hallway, which determines the energy of the house. So, when you come in you get greeted by a spacious space. There is enough room to breathe and to take in the surroundings. Once you take of your shoes and hang your coat, the experience of a beautiful house can began. The first level is built in the open space concept. Therefore, the hallway connects with the living room, dining room and kitchen creating a very comfy atmosphere. The walls are painted in pastel colors, like light pink and soft orange and teal green. The décor embodies both elements of modern esthetics and classic ones. The whole level has 2 walls with windows covering them making you feel like you are outside. The living room is the best place to enjoy a good movie due to the big sofa and new generation smart TV. The dining table is near to the windows making it the place to have breakfast and the kitchen has marble incorporated into the furniture giving it a fancy feel.
         The second level has three bedrooms all having a theme, such as: the seaside resort experience, a night in Paris and into the clouds, and three bathrooms. The staircase ties both floors making you feel that you are in a penthouse. Honestly I would switch houses so fast if I were to get to live in such a place.
      Nevertheless, I am aware that I have quite high standers in houses and these preferences don’t come cheap. Obviously, I am that kind of person that would rather have a dream home then a breathtaking car.