Today, on Thursday, the Romanian teacher of English taught us to listen to the conversation between any two people on the street and analyze the functions of the language.
I walked home, and a small, stout man climbing a train at the next station was a little suspicious by his behavior with people, because he did not speak at all, but he gesticulated very much.
At one point, I get to my chair and put some products (sweets, pens, booklets ...). I notice that each product has a price, and then asking more people, I realized that that man was deaf-mute, but notwithstanding, he was not standing on the street working on the train selling different products.
I see that the man next to me takes a set of pens, but he does not leave any lion in that place, but I thought he could give it to the man who would come back and take the rest of the things left. Turning the man back and counting his products, he sees that he misses one and shows him to the man standing beside them, but he makes a sign that he did not take anything, then the deaf-mute shows his finger to the cheek, after ..... ...... who traveled ........... the pens out of his pocket and stretched them toward the man with difficulty smiling in sign that it was a joke, but the one with difficulty makes a sign with his hand that he does not want them again and shows his cheek again.
This experience of today helped me a lot on the Romanian theme, because the paraverbal communication, DAR???, was used, and as a life experience for me, the man who tried to make that joke (bad), but also for the rest who assisted (propozitia asta nu are sens, ceva lipseste, poate un predicat).

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