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FOR AND AGAINST: Standing up to abusive teachers

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Abusive teachers are not the most honest or cute people. There are some students who stand up in front of them and other students who obey.
Firstly ON THE FIRST HAND, it is good for students TO stand up in front of abusive teachers. Those teachers will do various inappropriate things to their students. Well, these things are totally wrong, so the students should  be standing up. Also, those teachers might realize that what they do is TOTALLY wrong.  There are some nice people who realize when they are wrong and they can fix their mistakes.  And this is another case in which students should stand up in front of their teachers, even if it is a rare case. 
Secondly ON THE OTHER HAND, there are many situations in which students should not stand up in front of their abusive teachers. For example, teachers can get angry and they can low UP their students' behavior mark. This would be a loss just for students.  Apart from the fact that the teachers would be angry, the low behavior marks could affect their media and future professional career. In addition, if students are standing up in front of abusive teachers, the teachers could take their students to the school principal. This would not be a good thing because students would be sanctioned SANCTIONATED.
To sum up, probably abusive teachers exist in every school.  Surely there is one abusive teacher in each school. The only thing students have to do is to stand up in front of these teachers with the help of the principal teacher, not alone.

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I am agree and you told the truth. Some teachers abuse of their athority but this is especially at small children like 7 or 10 years old. At the highschool the things changes because some of them have the courage to stand up against a abusive teacher and they don't fear of a bad grade or a shout from him.
This is my opinion. I hope that you will agree with me but if doesn't it's ok too! ;)



I agree with you. There a lot of abusive teachers in Romania. They say, they are like this because they want for us the best, but that is not true. When we need to, we should stand up and tell them what we want from them and what they should do for us. Anyway it is a very good and true composition.



I agree with what you have to say. Sure, in theory we all know that standing up to abusers, teachers or otherwise, is the only right thing to do, as it might not only do us good, but it might help future generations, or said teacher. Still, the victims and almost always scared into silence by the so many ways in which that teacher can punish them. The school will almost always stand behind it's teachers as well, making it even more difficult, so I feel that what you finished with, that pupils should be able to stand up, but not alone, is very important.



I think your essay has a good idea, one which sadly it is true in our days. Your structure was good, but I think if you would've said some things that can be done to fix this problem the essay would've been much better, because just saying if the students speak up this happens and if they don't this happens it makes the essay a bit dry and it can be easily fixed by adding some ways to help the problem.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » FOR AND AGAINST: Standing up to abusive teachers