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How money was important

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It was a rainy day and I was spending some quality time indoors with my family when the phone rang. The phone call was from the hospital where my grandmother has been admitted to.
                   She hadnít been feeling well lately and we wanted to make sure that she was healthy and that nothing had happened to her, thatís why we went to do a medical check-up three days ago. After the examination the doctor suggested us to let her stay at the hospital  for about a week so they could make sure that nothing suspicious was going on.
                    When my mother saw who the caller was, she freaked out and she picked up as quickly as possible. She answered the phone and suddenly started crying. For a moment we forgot what was going on but then it all started to make sense. It was about my grandmother. She was in a terrible condition and she needed surgery immediately.
                       We arrived there as soon as we possibly could... but there were so many people in the emergency room that we would have to wait at least a couple of hours. My mother was so worried about my grandmotherís condition that she had to pay extra so we could be the first ones that were entering to get her surgery done.
                        Now sheís fine and it all went well, but, this situation made me remember that money is very important, and that this society always puts it first. Without it you canít do anything, you canít survive... and sadly we canít change a damn about it so weíll just have to get used to it.



You're so right. I was in this situation so many times and I don't know where the problem really is. Is that our society is based on money or is that our doctors are jerks when you have a serious problem ? Seriously some of them need to know how to speak with a family who has a problem, it's not ok to put money always first .



That was sad...and I am happy that the story has a good and happy ending and that your grandfather is feeling good. I agree with you about how money is important and in this kind of situation they seem to be more important because you can save someone's life and you can do anything for someone close to you. At the same time, it is said that "money can not buy happiness'' but, like in your case, they seem to that because it all cost. However, in the daily basics, you should not think that money is important like money is defining how you are.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » How money was important