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Standing up to abusive teachers

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A teacher, a proffesor or any  type of educator can be abusive in many ways. He can be verbally, phisically or sexually abusive. Abuse is not acceptable and should't exist in our day by day life, especially at school.
             One major advantage of standing up to abusive teachers is that you can stop the violence. By imposing yourself, you can catch your teacher's attention and he could realize that he is doind a wrong, illegal thing. You need to take the risk, because you are able to change some things. Speak your mind for your own safety, you must deal with all the insults or the violence that your schoolmaster is exercising and you have to think to your own person in the first place. Another advantage is that you could insipire other kids to do the same thing and they could be saved too. They will follow your example and will stand up for their rights. They could be saved, because one individual is enough to show them that it is possible to get rid of all the mean words said by a frustrated human.
             The main disadvantage of standing up to abusive teachers is that, if it is pretty serious and the principal is involved, by the time that he will be changed, he'll still be your teacher. So if you have the courage to take the risk of having small grades and a lot of homework, go for it. I think that this is better than being abused.
             To sum up, if you are a victim of an abusive teacher, it is important to stand against him and receive the help you need as soon as possible for your own safety, mental health, and well-being.

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IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU'LL HAVE BAD GRADES, THE PRINCIPAL MUST BE ANNOUNCED IMMEDIATELY!!You should never experience that in school, it is absolutely unacceptable! School is supposed to teach you, not to make you feel uncomfortable. I feel so sorry for everyone who has experienced this kind of stuff. Don't hide it, always get help when needed


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Standing up to abusive teachers