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Studying hard for history at school

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History is a great object that introduces us in a great, pretty forgotten world, full of fancinating wars, major economical, political or military issues of some states that now are very well developed and some interesting things about every person's origins. But is it worth it studying drudgingly at school?
                      Firstly, I think that we can learn a lot from every event that happened in the past, because, as the saying goes, the history repeats itself. So we can take a look at the mistakes that some people did then, seeing what they did wrong, read a lot of books to have a large point of view and studying quite a lot at school. In addition, is a good thing to have knowledges in this area, because maybe you will go to a college where history plays an important role, or maybe you will have a discussion with an important person interested in this kind of things, and you don't want to seem stupid, do you?
                      On the other hand, if your passion is science, studying hard for history at school will only distract you from doing what you really like. You only need minimal information, just to be able to understand what happened in The First World War and in The Second World War (because everybody knows some things about them), and maybe how they affected your country. So, if you are sure that you do not want to have any tangent in the future with this object, you don't have to study hard at school or stay all day long with the nose in history books.
                      All things considered, I think that studying hard for history at school is a great thing only if you want to focus on this subject in the future, but if you have another passion, that is clearly the opposite, you just need basic knowledges.



I see what you mean, but I don't think someone whose passion is not related to history shouldn't study hard for this subject. In my opinion, history is one of the most important subjects at school, and it deserves a great dedication from all students, especially the history of your own country, as you can't love something whose history you don't know. And, in addition to this, while learning history you learn more about yourself. As Martin Luther King Jr. said: "We are not makers of history. We are made by history".



it is very true that you said history plays an important role in our life, it defines us as people and gives us the faith and country etc. the composition is well structured and encompasses most of the important topics. I look forward to the next one!!!!!



I totally agree with you! Personally, I believe that is good to learn at school because probably are many interesting subjects Even if we all consider that is absurd and boring all we do at it.



You are so right! I hate history and I would like to focus more on things that I really like studying and itís annoying that I canít do it. It would be awesome if we got to choose our subjects and learn more of what we actually like and need for our future jobs. We have much more subjects than we need, it would be best if we had 5 or 6 instead of 17 because they donít do anything but overwhelm us.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Studying hard for history at school