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A crazy person

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In my opinion, it doesn’t exist “a crazy” or “the most unusual” person alive. I just think that exist people that look at the wolrd from a different perspective and the ones who break down existing barriers.
This girl must’ve been the craziest girl I’ve ever met in my entire life, her vibe was so special and unique. She was so impulsive and one day, when I was at school, here I met her, she took a microphone and started to sing a rap song in front of the whole school. All the kids started laughing and singing the chorus and everybody felt that vibe.
She was always breaking the ice amd she had very strange hobbies like keeping in a box some orange peels and painting coins. She was different than everyone in my class and I was amazed that anybody judged her.
In conclusion, I think that we should embrace every kind of person and make them feel comfortable in their own skin and their mentality.



I think you are right. Crazy people does not exist. They can be just different people. It is very interesting that this girl has always been different without care about those around her. He seems to be a nice person!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A crazy person