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How some people in Iasi broke the law

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Okay, so I was born in this city and whenever i walk on the streets or staying in a bus or tram i hear from all the people mostly: ,, Hey, have you seen that man stabbed that woman" or ,, Did you see how that man hit a kid with a stick?''...yes i know these are strange things but this is what I heard in the last couple days. And as I heard, I started being curious and more curious so I started searching people in Iasi who broke the law. So I found an old lady which was very angry and hit a man with her stick because that man didn't let help her to hop in the tram. Or i read this morning that a woman was stabbed by her husband because she did not put the laundry on dry land. I heard also, that one of my neighbours pushed a fridge in his mother because she didn't bring him the breakfast in bed.
My opinion about these people in my city is that lot of them are old school and doing things like in the 80's. I also think that most of them have mental health problems. My city is in the Eastern Europe where is the poor area in Europe and most of the people are stupid or having alcohol issues or drugs issues.
  That's how some people in my city broke the law old school.



I see your point of view, but I think you generalize a bit too much the people who live in our country. Yes there are more drugged and alcoholic people than in Western Europe, but it doesn't mean that this is the typical kind of people who live is Romania. And, in my opinion, there are more intelligent people here in Romania than in many other countries from around the Globe.



I get what you're trying say but.... "a boy pushed a fridge in his mother because she did not brought his breakfast in his bed", I mean, WHAT?! Dude,it is like, you have too much imagination. Try to stick to the reality.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » How some people in Iasi broke the law