This world holds in its hands different and various types of people.As we want to live on a cheerful and kind planet Earth, we try our best to tolerate the people around us. Some of them are smelly, the others may be cry-babies or even louder than some animals in the jungle, and some of them bring us to the edge of our patience and goodness.I had the honor of meeting such a person.

I havenít seen this girl since I was in secondary school, but I can warrant that she hasnít changed.Letís travel back in time and remember a little bit about her, shall we? She was the person in class that no one liked.She was the one who threw away a person that helped her integrate into the collective.She was the person that didnít even deserve someoneís hate.But she is the kind of person that no one likes.
I remember her lying about a lot of things that, actually, had never happened to her, gossiping about a  person that she had hugged before, making some people feel used or losers just because they werenít as popular as she was and faking crying and smiles to get someoneís attention.
We would also see her jumping around the room in a brutal way, always shouting at people or invading othersí personal space and conversations, insulting people while thinking it was just a joke, being irresponsible with things and people, and sometimes not knowing how to use a deodorant or shampoo.She was the kind of girl that gives you a headache, that brings a lot of drama in your life, that thinks that she is angelic but she, obviously, is not.
Another aspect that proves how fake and silly she was, is that she used to come to school with clothes that didnít fit her body, attitude and behavior.These clothes were either too tight, or too provocative, and they made her look like a clown, like somebody who doesnít know who they are.

I hope I am not being too mean, but this is just how she is or how she used to be.I donít want to denigrate her in any way, but, letís be honest, who would like to spend time with a person that makes you feel uncomfortable, that doesnít appreciate your help, that lies and screams, that emanates a smell that makes nose hair fall, that you cannot trust at all? I could say that she acts like an animal, but this would be just an insult for animal kind.

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