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How money was important

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I had an older friend and he was like in the 12th class and he was 19 years old. He was preparing for his last finals exams which were 2 days away. It was a day of Friday and he was so bored like always, of school and he needed to be careful with his teacher, but he was just sleeping at his class and here were the consequences. His teacher was talking about reviewing all the lessons they had until that moment and learn all the weekend because Monday was ,,The Big Day" , but he wasn't paying attention to him. So, Saturday came up and he woke up at 12 o'clock at noon. He wasted time like 4 hours, then he went outside to meet his friends. He stayed until 8 PM and then he went in a club and stayed until 5 AM. Then, Sunday came up, and he woke up at 4 PM and went outside at 6 PM. He went again in the club and left at 3 AM. Then, ,, The Big Day'' came up and he didn't give a shit about his last exam. So he went there without knowing nothing and very relaxed. After the exam, he was leaving the school with a very big smile on his face. After 1 week, the results have been posted so he came to school and saw how much did he get. He got the maximum points and he passed the exam. Do you think it was something in the middle? In fact, yes it is. This is a millionaire's boy who doesn't give a shit about his kids. So 2 weeks back then, his father came to school and came at his teacher and gave him 1000 euros to pass his kid at the exam. The teacher, surprising, accepted the offer and did what he had to do. Nobody noticed this illegal thing and this boy had in front of him a bright future.
  That's how i found that money are important to others even if they are used illegal or wrong.



I totally agree with you, money can really make a difference in some of the aspects of life. They are, for unfortunately, the roots of many of the unfair things that are happening in this world. They were extremely important in the past centuries, but it seems that they are pretty important in the 21 century too. And instead changing it, people are discreetly accepting it, as this is very advantageous for some of them.



You know that some people say that money can't bring happiness? Apparently, for that kid, it did, so fuck life and fuck the person who said that, because, apparently, he's totally wrong. Nice story btw, hope that kid got drunk and died in a fight in the club.



Money are important only because we make them like that. Our society is based on money and this a bad thing. I like very much your composition because you show the real face of the world. To be more specific, the true of the school. Congratulations!



In my opinion, this is not a very good example that can show the importance of money. While money can make a (big) difference in one's life, it should not interfere with academic activities. Firstly because it's illegal, secondly because it shows the weakness of one's character. Instead of doing what's best, one just does what's easier. If you can't manage school ( and that doesn't have to mean top grades ), you cannot really make it in life. And here you might say that what we learn in school isn't always useful and I totally agree, but I think school can also teach one how to learn, how to work in groups, how to meet the deadlines etc. This kind of stuff is important for whatever you choose to do in life.

You also said something about his "bright future". I hope it was ironical because there nothing bright about his future unless you take into consideration the bright lights of the clubs. :)



Yeah, money saved him but not for too long. He didn't deserve his grades and this is going to show up in college. This is only a short term solution and in fact, his father is much more than guilty for "teaching" his son how to solve anything with money. I strongly disagree with using money to pass an exam and i would let my child fail his exams rather than pay for them.



This is very true and it's very bad that this is happening very often i also knew someone who paid teachers and was always getting the maximum results and i was very confused how he always did so good at test even though he didn't study. I am very angry because of this because this is a very big problem you cannot fully blame the teacher because who wouldn't be tempted to take a large sum of money just to put a better grade. I think this is also the fault of the parents who think it's okay to throw money left and right just for their kids to get passed school. I believe this is an education problem and it should be fixed cause if this keeps happening we will have more stupid people in important places than we already have. In conclusion this the reason why so many young people are leaving this country because of this kind of corruption.



This is very true. Money are important for us just because we make them like that. In fact, they are just a peace of paper and they can't bring us happiness.



I can totally agree with you, but the way the father took care of the situation, it's not good. We can't always think about money. It is just a piece of paper that can somehow save us, but later everybody will know the truth. This is also a education problem that nobody is taking care of it. I liked the your essay very much!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » How money was important