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For and against standing up to abusive teachers

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†††† School is a place where children are educated by people able to explain the necessary material in life. Each teacher has his own way of teaching, either with more theory or more practice. There are those teachers who want to get closer to their students, thus creating a friendly relationship with them, but there are teachers who choose not to develop anything more than a "teacher-student" relationship.
Some of the teachers, sometimes think they have more power and use it to create humiliating situations for some children or to show frustrations at work, so the students are affected. But students in such situations what should students do? Should they be obedient to selfish demands and approaches or do something about it?
†††††† On the one hand, children have the right to a proper education in order to receive useful information for them, but also to be taught to respect equality between people. They aren't targets for people who can't solve their problems. A teacher has no right to hurt a child just because he doesn't like sympathize with him, or due to because of a discriminatory reason. A student needs to know when to end an abuse. The child should defend his dignity and enforce his respect towards the abusive teacher   processor. If he speaks and opposes appropriate behavior, he will avoid aggravating the situation. In addition, students have responsibilities for more than one subject, but there are teachers who feel superior and think that students should know all the .............. matter by heart. Thus, they give them more homework, often putting them in a state of restlessness and stress. Some Others also think that if they don't feel well, others don't have the right to do it, so they come into the classroom and create an atmosphere of dislike and contempt. Children need to inform their teachers that they have other homework  homeworks and not burden agglomerate them more, thus avoiding a discomfort for both sides.
†††††† On the other hand, students need to know that teachers are some people who have some kind of influence. If a child receives an inappropriate treatment from a teacher, he will be silent for fear that he might leave him or be able to cause problems with other teachers, putting him in a bad light. Sometimes it is good to obey the rules imposed on you, so the problem will not get worse. The student should think that there is something of a moment. If they behaves like the teacher wants, though they don't like it or know it is wrong, they will be able to escape.
††††††† All in all, the student's decision to resist the abusive teacher processor can bring about two kinds of consequences. The first is that he will be listened t and will be right, so finding solutions that will not repeat the mistakes. The second kind of consequences is a negative one. The student who said things by name could worsen the situation, bringing him more problems, the repetition of the year to the subject, or a more strict and unfair treatment by the teacher. There is also the option for the pupil to say nothing. This isn't the best choice, the child may experience more humiliation or abuse if it is.

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Itís a really tricky problem filled with many variables. The situation needs to be put in consideration for a better response. But I do have the principle that nobody should accept any sort of abuse. Even if you are mistreated by your boss you need to protect yourself. What kind of life is that if you are willing to let everyone step right over you?


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » For and against standing up to abusive teachers