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exceptionally look or average look

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Exceptional looks are nowadays more sought after than average looks because of all the mass-media celebrities who inspire the newer generations, making teens and adults alike want to look like them, sometimes whatever the cost.
     Exceptional looks can make you more wanted in specific groups, they can get you popularity, maybe even fame in some cases, but in my opinion thatís not what truly matters, because popular people often lack in other traits.
      First of all, people in that category tend to set their standards so high that they often befriend false people that will likely use them in their own interest or for their own growth in popularity, whereas average looking people tend to be true to their friendships.
     [trebuie sa adaugi introducere de paragraf, topic sentence]Second of all, being exceptionally attractive also comes with great responsibilities like a strict diet, a strict gym program, and basically restricting yourself to the point of neglecting your own pleasures, while a normal person can still be healthy but can also eat something not so healthy  without  feeling bad about it.
     Overall, I believe that itís better to be average looking rather than exceptionally attractive, sure looks can get you somewhere in life but now it comes to personal preference , both of them having their respective ups and downs, but for me real friends and real relationships mean a lot more than to be recognized by a number of people that I donít even know.

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Hello! If I had to choose between average look and exceptionally look, probably I would choose avarage look. I could not resist to have a strict diet! Like you said, exceptional looks can get you popularity and I donít like to be always in the spotlight. A normal life means less worries.



I think each person tries as much as possible to look good because only this way he can integrate into a society where sometimes the packaging looks more important than the inside. I agree with you that it is more important to try to find happiness with people who love us, people who are important to us, not in a popularity that will only last as long as you have an  execeptionally look.   :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » exceptionally look or average look