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Beautiful village

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For me, a village is a place where I can rest and clear my thoughts.There I  feel  better and i am all alone with my thoughts. Also  I can analyze all the things that are happening in my life and setting it set it, because there is silence which makes me  feel far from trouble. Usually, people who lives in a village are friendly and they always are ready to help you.The most important thing is that  majority of the locals  have their own animals and that is a good point, because for me a beautiful village is not just a picturesque view of a ride hill or  fresh air. I tent tend to believe due to the fact I like natural cow's milk, cheese and meat, while the market products are based on calories and supplies. I think that all of us sometimes need to be alone.In my opinion beautiful village is a small place with few people and many animals, but It  would be even better if there will not be would be cars.I detest city's dust and clamor, these things irritate me. Moreover the silence which I find there makes me feel fulfilled.
  One of the amazing villages which I visited  when I was 5 years old , it was the first year when my grandparents moved there.I remember that day, when my family and I came to visit our grandparents house, it looked old, but still wonderful, due to traditional ornaments .At the entrance to the village there was a blue plaque with the name "Hey buddy, you're welcome ", meanwhile at the  crossroads was placed a wooden cross. Another think that caught my eye was that not far from my grandparents' house was a cherry orchard, where which I visited daily to see that beauty.Now cherries are my favorite fruits.
Besides all these things in the same village, there was a huge career where I went every time I came to the grandparents. That's where I made some beautiful pictures, which are on my room wall, now. At the top of the pit there was a small plum tree that looked very artistic, no one could climb up to it because it was dangerous,however I tried to climb many times.
   I know there are many other mysterious villages with beautiful customs and traditions, with high hills and frequent forests, but the beauty of a place depends not only on aspects but also on the memories you create there.:3

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Wow, this village sonds like it's out of a fairytale. I think that you are right about the silence and the peaceful feeling living in the countryside might give you, but, I, personally, couldn't live out of the city for too long as I would miss all the hustle and bustle and all the people and fun. I'm glad you found your perfect spot, though.



I hope that village really exist because it seems to be a dreamy one. I will like to live in a village like that too but i like also the technology of the city. Your describe is a good one, in the sense of when I read it, I was charmed of that beauty...
I hope that you will go in a world like that! ;)


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