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should people be as fashionable as possible...?

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What does it mean to be as fashionable as possible? Is this a trend? Is something good or wrong? What we should do?
I believe that a person who tries to be as fashionable as possible is at most ridiculous. He Is just a fake person for a number of reasons .
Firstly, to be as "fashionable as possible" a person should have done research in this domain, but for me it is a waste of time to do such of thing. In the world there are so many problems and some people are frightened at the thought of not matching the watch with the  strap. Existential problems, superficiality.
Secondly, I have no idea why people are so superficial, when does how you look matter more than what kind of person you are...? I can look great in my father's clothes, the person who is next to me in bed will love me for how I look without clothes, seeing my imperfection, and will respect me for my soul. There is such a difference between being mad after fashion and wearing something that is not dirty, doesn't matter what you wear, ,,clothes don't make a man''.
Admittedly, fashion is an art, as there are writers, painters, footballers, there must be these kind of people who are as fashionable as possible, itis in their blood, however for me it matters more what behavior you have than what clothes you wear.
In conclusion a person as fashionable as possible  is just a person  who is looking for attention.

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From my point of view, being fashionable means getting dressed with clothes that look good on you, because the clothes look different to each person. It's true that your coat does not make man, but that does not mean your clothes do not show you certain things about what kind of person you are, so I think sometimes it's important to be careful what we wear, even if it's not the most important thing.




     As far as I deduced, I assume that you are not a fashionable person, just like me. I really liked the fact that you mentioned the existence of real problems in the world, problems that people exclusively concerned about the way they look can't see. However, I don't think that a fashionable person is always attention-seeking, sometimes is part of their job.  :jumping:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » should people be as fashionable as possible...?