Man,let me tell about one man who I think was pretty crazy. His name was Sergiu,and his nickname was mushroom.You could easily guess,yeah,he was a homeless. Despite the fact that he didn't have a place to sleep and he would eventually sleep outside,on a bench even although it was a cold or warm weather.He enjoyed the finer things in life,he used to drink at least two beers a day.It didn't matter he had nothing to eat,he would still ask for money to buy himself cigarettes and alcohol.Now,let's talk about his clothing.He used to wear a blue shirt,some baggy pants and an oversized winter jacket and let's not forget about his shoes,he wore a pair of dirty black sneakers.
    One thing that amazed me is the fact that he would've woken 've woken immediately wake up from his sleep only if you'd would have play played...... a rap group band from .........the glorious 90' amazing period,musically speaking and for our country almost in every domains,especially the first half of this period .When he listened ...........those amazing songs,full of lyricism, with some catchy beats from that group band rapping,he has instantly woken up and start started........ a graceful,strange(but amazing in its way),mystique I could say dancing dancing dance on surrounded by their music.Every time I saw him do that, ........I felt freedom coming out of his soul and made me realize how music can really wake you up,even if you are drunk as hell.
    Unfortunately,he is dead,but he will always remain in my heart as one of the craziest people I have ever met.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           R.I.P. See you later,Sergiu

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