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Very teacher

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Man,all the stories for the former teacher you liked for this topic or whatever is are this these will be about a good teacher,very polite,who would make even the dumbest kid understand the lesson,very communicative,nearly perfect,as a teacher and as a person as well.So I decided to tell you about one teacher who was one of the best teachers alive(he still lives now),he did all the good things that I have mentioned above,buut as a person,he was the grumpiest person,he was always rude with his students and he had no topic to talk about with them because he was pretty gold and he was still living in his ''old days'',when everybody,especially the children were respectful.
    So,let me tell you about one time when I totally changed my opinion on of  him,but in a bad way.I find found out that he is was a horrible person spending a lot of time with him,as he was a history teacher and we had 4 classes a week.Three years ago,tuesday,everything was going well as expected.He finished his lesson earlier that day so we started to discuss many topics.As teenagers,he mentioned that 'problem' with the internet and how we spent too much time on our phones and blah blah blah,he said other things that a........boring,narrow-minded,'rusty' old man would've mention........about this problem that all people talk about,but not teenagers . And when a classmate presented showed  him some advantages for using the the mobile phones ,the teacher told him his opinion is totally outrageous.He has had told him that he knows does not nothing about life and about this internet problem and also that it was unpolite impolite to argue with him because he's was always right.
     The stories go on,he called stupid impolite,narrow minded,not neccesarily smart children and he told us that we wouldn't be able to pass a test where the only thing you have to do is to write down your name,only because we did not agree with him.As I said before,he was excellent as a teacher,but as a person he was totally a mess,a man who would call you dumb just because you do not agree with him.

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Oh wow, that is really messed up. I have never experienced this before but if I will, I really don’t know how to manage to situation. Maybe I would just study my lessons that would be well tought by him, but I wouldn’t talk to him, not even in my free time.



Hey there!
I'm really sorry to hear that your teacher has been so rude to your classmates and that your once-good opinion of him changed into a bad one. However, it is not out of the ordinary that some teachers tend to think that they're far superior to their students and abuse them by calling them "stupid" or "narrow-minded"... It's even sadder that most of them don't and won't understand that they actually hurt these kids instead of "teaching them life"...
Despite some grammar mistakes, this short story has a strong moral: if you are an adult, it doesn't mean you are wise too.



You really like how you have an original view on this topic, as I don't think many people are able to 'separate' the teacher from the person they are outside of their classes. I like that you acknowledged that what he did was mean and inappropriate, but also you still view him as a good teacher. His actions were indeed very rude and unnecessary, but i think that it is so usual, that it has been normalized, which is of course, very wrong. I like how you chose to talk about this event, even if it isn't as pleasant as what you would expect from the title.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Very teacher