Ok, so I've never actually met this person,but I know for a fact he lived long and well so here goes:

My dad's great uncle was, like every other person born in our family, an artist. He was part of a band nobody remebers that used to go on a lot of tours. Anyway, he was quite interesting the short time he lived. My grandma says he was a huge troublemaker and a really confusing guy, but as my dad tells says he was the best great uncle to have. He aways wore the weirdest things he could find, ofc that would go well with his band's concept, and, like every old person, oversized shoes. He always got out the bowls and pots and pans and would show and teach dad how to play the drums. He was also quite the painter, and although he was hardly ....... C christian, he helped painting churches. He had connections everywhere and nobody knew about them until they asked specifically. But the weirdest thing that somewhat bothers me is that, although he was a party monster and went dayly regurarlyto the bar, nobody knew him except my family. Whenever I ask family friends about him they say they've never hard heard of such a guy. I used to think about him a lot and about the lack of knowledge everyone had regading him.
Even close family knew very different things about him. But they do all agree on one thing: ...............[pune un cuvant cheie, ca introducere de paragraf] As they say hHe was always standing sat down, always quite tired and lazy but ate a lot, like so so so much my grandma was always terrified at the amount of food she had to make. And his skin was never tan...... and never pale. He was an ugly tired and quite scary type of grey that my dad describes as 'corpse like'.

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