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Should teenagers drive a car asap?

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Should teenagers drive a car asap?
        Sooner or later anyone needs a driving license whether they drive daily or occasionally. Nowadays having a driving license is like basically having a home, simply normal and anyone can get one, assuming they are not handicapped or blind. More and more children or teenagers cannot wait till they come of age to get a driving license. But should they be allowed to drive a car as soon as possible?
        I believe that teenagers should drive a car as soon as possible for a number of reasons.
        Firstly, driving comes with a set of requests, for example a non alcohol policy, and these requests help the teenagers - who are not really adults yet - to become more responsible and mature. It is proven that if you put a child in charge of something (give him an adult job to do) it will make him want to show you that he can handle it, like an “adult” that he is. This will keep him occupied and focused, in other words, make him a responsible kid. This trick works on teenagers too and even on adults because any person in a lower position wants to show his or her superior that he can do more.
        Secondly, it is known that younger people have better reflexes. If you start learning how to drive at a fragile age, all your reflexes while driving will be faster. That will prevent accidents and prepare you for the rough situations that might occur while driving.
        Admittedly, nowadays driving is not safe for anyone or environmentally friendly for that matter. However, if we are talking about safety no one should drive a car, get out of the house or do something at all and regarding the environment there are solutions like ecological driving or driving electric cars.
        In conclusion, while driving is not safe or environmentally friendly but everyone is still driving cars every day or ending up driving a car anyway, teenagers should drive a car as soon as possible.

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I can't wait to take my driving license! I agree with you, I think that teenagers have better reflexes and if they start learning how to drive at a fragile age they will have better reflexes and they will drive faster. For example my brother took his license at 16 and at 18 he was a very good driver, I am proud of him and I hope that I will drive as well as he drives.



I like how you approached this topic in your composition and the fact that you are an open mind person. I agree with what you said. Teenagers should be encouraged to drive more. As long as this is their desire and they are responsible and take on their pentect their actions, I do not see why we should stop them and impose them a certain age to make sure they became adults. I find it okay to learn to drive even from 16 years of age.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Should teenagers drive a car asap?