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Who is a crazy person?

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I have heard many times. He is crazy, he is weird, he is not normal, he has a problem etc. Many people describe a person as ,,crazyĒ because he doesnít think as them. Thatís a problem and it was always a problem of our society. Every genius was crazy, some more than others. The crazy people live in their own world. A world which itís saw only by themselves. But for them it is a perfect word. Letís be serious, every person has a perfect word which they only could imagine. The difference between them and the crazy ones is the crazy people accept it and are ok with that. They donít try to hide it from the eyes of the world. I think they are the bravest people that have ever lived on this planet. They live their own true, not a collective lie. They believe and say exactly what they think and for this they are considerate crazy.
There arenít people without problems, they just canít exist. People become crazy for two reasons: They are crazy for something, something they love very much and they are becoming crazy for that thing, or, they have nothing to lose and they donít care anymore for their life. In any case, I donít think thatís a reason to blame them. They are people just like us, even if they are considerate ,,crazyĒ. Thatís only some reasons why I donít believe in crazy people. I believe in people powerful enough to say the truth, and people who are too afraid to do it because they will be judged.

ar fi trebuit sa existe mai multa descriere concreta; adauga si o concluzie

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The more understanding opinion towards often misunderstood individuals is often brushed over, but you really focused on it and I think that's really important. I liked the honesty in this essay. However, you contradict your own belief when in the beginning you call these individuals crazy, only to then go on and say that you don't believe in this term or its meaning. Also, I think that you really could've explained your point of view better, maybe in a slightly longer essay, with more arguments.



The concept of craziness is determined by society. If we travelled back even one century in our history I can assure you that we would be treated as disturbed people. Itís sad when we put this label on some folks. Once you are seen as crazy you will forever remain like this in the eyes of everyone.



I totally agree. The term ďnormalĒ should not even exist. There is no normal person because everyone has a different perspective of the world. Crazy people are many times just too smart for us to understand their thinking.



I really love what and how you wrote. I think you have a very open perspective on the world. You realize that the world is wrong when it closes the mind in front of something new and that can lead to change. The fact that there are people who could contradict society and modernize it makes conservatives say that the world has 'gone crazy'.



it's a lot of truth in what you say that's why i agree with you especially on the genius side. and I think the word "craizy" is too easy to use and that he hardly means anything today because it has become so common. :yep:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Who is a crazy person?