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A wonderful festival

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This is an old memory. It happened 4 years ago. For most of the people it is something normal, but for me it was not. For some people itís just a festival, for me it was an experience. I have been a scout  for 5 years. I saw many things, but this was one my first experience of this type. I was in my first camp at Tecuci. From the station to the camping point I had like 1 km to walk. I had my rucksack which was pretty heavy. To arrive at the camping point I had to go through a park. There was a festival. And it wasnít an ordinary festival it was a festival organized by the scouts. It is called Light Festival. And it truly was full of light. Everywhere were you looked were only small candles in paper supports. And with those candles was made The Fleur-de-lis, the scout symbol. It was gorgeous. Everywhere were  only nice and kind faces. No hate, no stupidity everything was just perfect. This was in the past. I still remember the experience, but recently I was invited in the same camp. It wasnít the festival anymore, but the park, the people were transmitting the same atmosphere. It was a pleasure to walk through the narrow streets and remember old details. It brought me beautiful memories back to live.



I like that you still remember what happened to you when you were a kid. Such memories keep our soul awake, thinking that after all, we are people who have emotions and the need to feel good. And I like the idea of a festival like this, if it's not organized there, maybe you can make one  some day.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » A wonderful festival