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A great teacher

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In the middle school I had not many good teachers. There were few. But one of them I can say I appreciate the most: my history teacher. It was a women somewhere between  40 and 50 years old and she was an expert. No one could deny that. She was feared by everyone. And not because she was raising her voice or she was yelling. There were few moments like this but she knew how to answer and how to combat any offense. She was a master of the words. She could be easily a comedian but she preferred to be a teacher. It was impossible for you, as a student to disrespect her, even if you were the worst student in the entire school. That was only a reason why I liked her so much.
Also, she knew how to teach. She knew how to make history interesting and how to maintain our interest. It is hard to do that especially when you speak about history. Her entire class was a travel through space and time, in which even if you didnít see anything, you could saw many things. She was my teacher for 4 years. She guided me at many contests and I even won  awards. I still remember her classes and sometimes I miss her. When I have time I visit my former school and i am looking in particular after her. We stay and talk about the good old days.



I'm glad you had such a teacher. Nowadays, there are not many teachers who can make their time more interesting for students. It is important for the teacher to have good communication with the students and to guide them if they see that they have an inclination towards an object.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » A great teacher