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Yes, I hate someone...

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Dear Diary,
Today I want to write about a puppy. I have not always lived in Iasi. However, it's been a long time since I moved here. Beside the block where I LIVED WAS a puppy. She received food from the people who lived in that block. Then I was about 6 years old. There was a pharmacy on the ground floor of the opposite block. Her owner did not love animals at all.
Time passed and Jess had a whelp. Her whelp was a girl. Many people were trying to take her to their home to protect their yard when she grew up. But her mother ATTACKS THEM. Others came to the pharmacy and for the simple fact that they were afraid of Jess, they were beginning to throw stones at Jess. Again she ATTACKS THEM. That's how many people were bitten by Jess. The owner of the pharmacy was mad because his clients WORE bitten by the dog. However, it was their fault. As long as they did not throw stones, they did not waste anything. He took Jess somewhere and shot her EVEN IF he was great as a shepherd dog. He tried to catch her puppy, but he could not do that. SINCE that day I hateD that man. The puppy is Vanessa and she LIVES beside that block. That man has often tried to kill her in recent years by giving her poisoned food. That's because he would not have the chance to catch it, because he would feel sorry for everything he did. But she does not eat from any stranger. Vanessa accepts food only from the people she knows, and even so, she ANALYZES it very well. This summer she also had a whelp. Recently, that man caught her puppy and killed him. But Vanessa's still there. She is alone and sad. But she probably hates that man very much. I care very much about her, and when I go to my grandparents I stop at her to give her food and see her, because she is on my way.
I am the kind of person who wants to get along well with everyone, but I really can not BEAR this man. I hate him.

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Well, I have a neighbour just like that. When I was little, he kept on saying that he wants to kill one stray dog that my parents used to feed, and I think that's what he did because, after a while, the dog just disappeared. I just don't know how those people can live consciousness. I just hope they'll get what they deserve: to burn in hell. Amen.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » Yes, I hate someone...